About Us


Welcome to Blush and Bold Collective, where we like to make every moment
count—from the sips you take to the clothes you wear.

Maker Teresa Perez loves a great one-liner as much as she loves helping customers collect gifts and cheerful surprises worth talking about.

Through her brand, Blush and Bold Collective, she celebrates everything fun — from sparkly tumblers with a quippy phrase to one-of-a-kind mugs that make you feel like somebody really gets you. Wanting to help women explore their fiery awesome personalities, Teresa’s wide assortment of happy-inspiring cups, mugs, bottles, and more are designed to make every moment a memorable one.

Blush and Bold Collective is here to help fun people express their best selves. To make moments that count—from the first pour to the last sip and everything in between.

Thank you for choosing us!